How Canadian Cities are Different from U.S. Cities

canada and united statesCanada and the United States have a great deal in common, including the appearance, customs and practices of their cities. People from other foreign countries would likely have a hard time telling a number of Canadian and United States cities apart, but those who have experienced both for a certain duration of time can tell the difference. A majority of the cities in Canada have better infrastructure, less over crowding and smaller populations than that of the United States.

First of all, the infrastructure of most large Canadian cities is superior to that of the United States because it is newer and supports  a more stable population. Many major Canadian cities appeared on the map after comparable United States cities, so their infrastructure is less aged. With the population in Canadian cities smaller and increasing at a slower rate, expansions to the infrastructure of Canadian cities are not demanded as heavily as in the United States. Canada was not hit as hard by the recession of 2007 as the United States was, so it has had more funding to maintain city infrastructure. The cities of Canada also have smaller populations and less over crowding, which gives them a calmer, more controlled feel. A census taken of a Canadian city is considerably more predictable than that of a United States city.

For these reasons, and many others, tourists from the United States and from all over the globe travel to the cities of Canada for a uniquely Canadian experience. Medical tourism is a form of tourism that is steadily on the rise for many of Canada’s cities, with world travelers eager to take advantage of the affordable healthcare in Alberta, the well respected medical practices of Ontario and Canadas best drug rehab. The benefits that the cities of Canada can offer travelers are numerous.