Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world and the cities are such a wonder to behold. Anyone who plans to tour the world needs to have Canada on his or her priority list. There are lots of things to gain from touring the cities in Canada.

Taking a look at the cities in Western Canada, you will realize that they are one of the best cities in the world. Starting off with Calgary, this city is located at the Canadian Rocky Mountains and it is also the center of the oil industry of Alberta.

It would interest you to know that this oil industry is one of the best and developed in the entire world.

Another lovely city in Canada is Vancouver which is located at the coast of British Columbia. Vancouver is one of the liveliest cities in Canada and tourists are known to always visit this city.

Now, the city that has the highest number of tourist attraction in Western Canada is Kelowna. Found in the Okanagan valley, Kelowna is one of the most developed cities in Western Canada.

Some years back, Kelowna was not so much of a city to reckon with. It was only known for its agricultural prowess. However, some years back, this city became notable for its top-notch wine production. As a matter of fact, it received great recognition from the wine industry globally.

It would interest you to know that few years back, Kelowna was regarded as the most desirable winery location in North America. Due to all these lovely features and more, Kelowna attracted a good crop of the wealthiest individuals in Canada because everyone wanted to own a land.

Kelowna is a city that has a very bright future. It comes with all needed amenities that a big city would have, and it gives you the impression that you are living in a small town.

A good number of people who work in the oil industry live in Kelowna, and this explains one of the reasons why it is one of the wealthiest cities.